BlazingMQ: A Powerful Message-Oriented Middleware for Decentralized Applications

BlazingMQ, an open-source middleware developed by Bloomberg, facilitates the building of decentralized applications through message-oriented communication. It offers durable, fault-tolerant, and highly performant queues, with features like various message routing strategies, compression, and strong consistency. BlazingMQ abstracts the transport and network, supports multiple enterprise architecture patterns, and provides a rich set of APIs in C++, […]

“Unveiling Changes in Datasets: An Introduction to Explanation Algorithms and the Open-Source SQL Data Differ”

The blog post discusses the concept of explanation algorithms, which help answer ‘why’ questions in data analysis by identifying high-likelihood explanations for changes in datasets. The author introduces an open-source SQL data differ, which is a tool that can identify differences between two datasets. The tool, part of the datools library, is implemented as a […]