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Hikvision NAS storage HDD initializing returns to uninitialized state.

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When using a NAS for storage of video from Hikvision surveillance cameras, you may encounter a situation where the HDD keeps returning to the uninitialized state.
The reason for this is that the camera can’t cope with large drives. I tried to attach a 33 Terra-byte share to the camera and that didn’t work.
Only when I put a quota on the share of 150 Gigabyte, the format succeeded and the status stayed normal
I guess 150 GB is not the limit, try 200 or 300.. see what works.

Downgrade Hangouts to get swiping feature back

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With version 2.3 of Hangouts Google introduced some new features, but unfortunately also disable many good things like swiping. Before you could switch between hangout chats, archive chats or delete messages just by swiping. Until they bring back that feature you can downgrade to the last version that supported swiping: 3.1.317

++== Disclaimer ==++
I will explain how to go back to version 3.1.317, which normally is a very harmless process. However, if for whatever reason, things go south, I can’t be held responsible. Please proceed on your own risk. That being said, in 99,9% of all cases, your personal data, messages and settings will be preserved.

First you need to do is to uninstall “Hangouts updates”. That can be done in the Play Store or through settings. On my Samsung this action reversed the version to an old initial state that was shipped with the phone. It will disappear from your launcher or it may change icon. Do not run or click it.

Uninstall Hangouts in Play Store. Press Uninstall.

Uninstall Hangouts in Play Store. Press Uninstall.

Or uninstall updates in the Application Manager ( Settings - More - Application Manager )

Or uninstall updates in the Application Manager ( Settings – More – Application Manager )

Do not run or start the old version after you uninstalled the updates, because that can potentially do damage.

Now download the APK of version 3.1.317. It is located here:

After you have successfully downloaded it, move the APK file to your phone. Or, alternatively, surf to the download directly on your phone by scanning this QR code or type this short URL:
download_hangouts_21317 short link: ( Mind the capitalization )

If everything went right, you’ll have version 2.1.317 of Hangouts. After some initial questions, like if you want to merge SMS with messaging, your old Hangouts icon will re-appear and you can run it as before.

Disable auto updates.
Unfortunately, Play Store will try and update the app again as soon as it does it’s regular update rounds. Go to Hangouts (in Play Store) and press the menu button (bottom left). A pop-up will show a setting “auto update” with a check-box that is checked. Try to disable it. For some reason I could not disable the check-box. Unless you want to repeat the above for every time Play Store does the update, you’ll need to disable automatic updates altogether. This means of-course that you need to update other apps manually. 🙁
You can do that in the settings of Play Store.

Go to settings in Play Store (icon top left)

Go to settings in Play Store (icon top left)

Disable automatic updates.

Disable automatic updates.

Manually flashing new firmware to Sagem Fast 3464 (bbox2)

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Yesterday I got a Sagem Fast 3464 modem that was in safe mode. It said “your cpe is now in rescue mode”. My mission was to have it download the latest firmware.

Normally the modem will download the latest firmware by itself when connected. But this one didn’t.

Another way to get it to update was to somehow provide it with a TFTP server with the correct files hosted. That implied listening to the modem with a packet sniffer and watch for it to try and make a connection to a pre-defined TFTP server. Like explained here:
But that didn’t work either, since the modem did not initiate any kind of traffic other than some IGMP packets. I guess these instructions only apply when a firmware was already present, and since this modem was in CPE rescue, it did not work as expected.

Important: If your modem is NOT in recue mode and it shows anything else than “your cpe is now in rescue mode” in your browser, then you need to flash the rescue mode firmware first. In that case, don’t continue, but instead follow the instructions here :…

I managed to connect using telnet (PUTTY) using the standard username/password. As it was an old modem, I used login:admin password:OLOVDSL2 ( Which is the non-belgacom password. If that doesn’t work for you try login:admin password:BGCVDSL2 )

This made it possible to instruct the modem to download the new firmware. But first we need a TFTP server that is hosting the firmware files. You can find one here.
I found a working firmware (60A06W Belgacom) here: direct link (source:… )
I configured the TFTP server to host the firmware (the setup is very basic).

These are the instructions I to use in the telnet session:

Change the IP adress to the one your TFTP server is running.

That’s it. Let it download and when finished reboot.
The modem should now have runtime code 6LR10A-60A06W.
Configure it by using a web-browser, and the serial number as a password.
Then let it sit for a while to complete the latest update by itself.

Hope this works for you.