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Stream dreambox video to PC via VLC

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This ultra-small tutorial explains how to watch dreambox satellite TV on your PC using the latest version of VLC. If you have problems getting it to work try the comments section, maybe I can help.

  • Firefox 3.5.7
  • VLC 1.0.3
  • Dreambox 7000s / Enigma 1 / PLI JADE 2 (other setups not tested)

Parameters in my setup (will be different in yours!):

  • Dreambox IP :
  • VLC language = dutch

Note: When installing VLC , by default the “mozilla plugin” isn’t installed. You need that plugin to watch Web-X-TV. Check the box “mozilla plugin” while installing VLC.
Open a network stream ( Media – open network stream )
The stream is accessible via HTTP. Select HTTP for protocol. Then enter the dreambox IP address. ( in my setup ) and add /video.m3u to the address. The complete address should look like this:
Now click on PLAY.
VLC player should start playing whatever TV program that is currently playing on the dreambox.
NOTE: Change video.m3u to audio.pls to listen to the audio only.
TIP: Use the webinterface to change programs.

Marmitek IP Robocam 21 via VLC player

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The Marmitek IP Robocam 21 ( Art No 9833 ) is a wireless, remote controletabel pan tilt, indoor camera. (link)

Watching the stream via the web is easy, just surf to the IP cam’s IP-address. Marmitek even has a complete suite (UltraView) to combine many camera’s, record the picture etc. But just looking at the video in VLC ( or any media player ) is tricky and virtually undocumented.

The IP Robocam 21 can deliver MPEG4,MPEG and 3GPP video. Here is how to get it working in VLC.

Open VLC, goto “media”, choose Open Network. Choose the RSTP protocol and copy paste this adress into the addressbar:

rtsp://admin:admin@x.x.x.x/mpeg4 ( where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the IP cam, usualy something like and where admin is the username of the adminisrator who has “admin” as the password all which you can change in the setup of the IP cam via the web )

Mpeg4 video : rtsp://admin:admin@x.x.x.x/mpeg4
3gp video: rtsp://admin:admin@x.x.x.x/3gp
Mjpeg video: rtsp://admin:admin@x.x.x.x/mjpeg

To MOVE the camera: (port is the portnumber used to access the webcam over http like in: http://x.x.x.x:port . Usualy 80 )
down : http://x.x.x.x:port/admin/ptctl.cgi?move=down
up : http://x.x.x.x:port/admin/ptctl.cgi?move=up
left : http://x.x.x.x:port/admin/ptctl.cgi?move=left
right : http://x.x.x.x:port/admin/ptctl.cgi?move=right

I will post more tricks as I learn about them in the future.