Modding & rooting the QMedia Tablet PC Qpc617 firmware

This is a list of modded android images I have tested on the €99 tablet PC from QMedia, currently for sale in Carrefour Belgium ( and elsewhere ).

Note: I will update this list as I test more firmwares.

Note2: BE CAREFULL upgrading the tablet. You MAY brick it. I will take NO RESPONSIBILITY for your actions, when you damage or brick your tablet. I only provide this information as is.

I could not find the original firmware for the QPC617 from QMedia and I don’t know how to make a backup, so I took a leap of faith experimenting with this device.

This was the first firmware I tested. It works perfectly, but is not rooted. It has the market installed. Processor runs at 174 Mhz. Good performance.

This firmware runs perfect. It is rooted too and has the market installed. Better performance.

PanImage_SGS_ACADEV_2.22.11_Full (link)
This firmware installs ok. HoneyComb (fake) interface. Performance is slow.


Installs fine. Nice interface. Rooted and Market. Performance is good.

LIST of NOT WORKING firmwares:

PS: None of the images/firmwares are overclocked. The two most popular overclock apps (OC Widget & SetCPU ) won’t work. Maybe in future versions.

– When booting after a flash update, the animate boot-logo ( ANDROID ) may look like it is locked in a loop. Just be patient (maybe 2 , 3 minutes). All following boots will not suffer from this delay.

More info on modded tablet firmwares: (updated link 2 nov. 2011)

26 thoughts on “Modding & rooting the QMedia Tablet PC Qpc617 firmware

  1. Hi,
    I tried this firmware, WMT2.1.6_LF-X_V1.0B6, without problems (all messages wera “OK”) but after reboot my tablet (QMEDIA QPC617) is blocked on the first picture. Impossible to try another firmware, my tablet doesn’t boot on the SD card. What can I do ? Do you have an idea ?
    Thx for your help.
    Best regards.

  2. Well, first of all: the first picture (the android text) takes a very long time. Just let it be for 10 minutes. This happens only the first time.

    To boot from SD your SD card must be formatted in FAT32 and must contain the script directory. Be sure the card is inserted correctly.

    I’m running GS_WMT216_V5.0_ACADEV_BLACK_EDITION on the QPC617 at the moment.

  3. Thx Walter,
    I’ll follow your instructions, try “black edition” and give a feedback to you.

  4. Thank you very much for testing all this!

    I had a problem with my device, but now with “GS_WMT216_V5.0_ACADEV_BLACK_EDITION”

    it works fine!

    My question: do you got the technical sheet of the device?
    How many Mhz processor etc?


  5. I bought this device as well and my experiences is not so postive…
    haven’t changed anything to it

    -problems to maintain/keep wifi network (even with full signal available it sometimes does not even recognize it)
    -internet search gives page not available even a google start page??!
    -battery empty quick (while it says 2,5hrs)
    -no direct usb connection or sim card insertion

    my start screen looks different from the pictures above
    if anyone has ideas what I should do with this device cause I feel this is just a rip-off
    (model QPC617 qmedia)
    ik spreek nederlands


  6. I have also an qpc617 with original firmware. It also has problems with wifi, but no connection is rare.
    It’s wifi is less sensitive than it is on a normal computer.
    I don’t think mine would work 2,5 hour on battery.
    I’m searching a firmware to solve these problems.
    Maybe I have to try the “black edition”.

  7. Bonjour à tous,

    J’ai un souci avec ma tablette QPC617!

    Voulant changer de ROM et remettre cette dernière d’origine, je viens de télécharger la ROM d’origine de ce post.
    LE souci c’est quand démarrant la tablette, elle se fige sur le nom de la ROM et puis plus rien!


  8. Hi to all!

    Is there a way to HARD RESET the QPC (Android 1.6)? I know one could easily do a factory reset, but I did not find a solution for the hard reset. On other tablets it is done by pressing volume and menu buttons and a bunch of other combinations. Any suggestions?


  9. No matter what I try, the damned tablet just won’t boot from SD-card. It starts up normally with every bloody ROM I try. Is there some key combination I have to push when starting up? Help would be apreciated….

  10. Check out this link for more info on these images (for the Qmedia = wm8505)

    Did you do it like this: (instructions found here:
    ps: I did not test the linked firmware.)

    1. Download 7z Here
    2. Unzip package onto your PC
    3. Copy the copy script folder to your microsdcard/root
    4. Insert Card into Tablet
    5. Power down your Tablet
    6. Power on your Tablet and read the instructions posted on the OSD (on screen display)

    And is the SD card properly formatted FAT32 ?

  11. @Chris As far as I know there is NO hard-reset. My QPC died a week ago (red led burns, but won’t start). I saw a disassemble video, I will try to disassemble it sometime in the future, so to find a way to hard reset it.

  12. After giving it a few kicks around the room and threatening to burn the damned thing, it went all cooperative on me. Got the black edition up and running, re-installed hibernating function.
    Leaves me to give huge thanks to Walter, and wishiing him and the ones near him happy holidays!

      1. Long see no time Walter! Ben ik weer. Ik ben zo slim geweest om hem uit het stof te halen, en er een andere FW op te zetten. Wat ik ook doe, als ik de ACADEV FW probeer te installeren dan staat er in witte letters op een blacj screen alleen welke acadev versie het is. De FW die ik er op heb gezet werkt wel, maar blijft hardnekkig volhouden dat m’n google acount settings niet deugen… Toch maar de vuilnisbak denk ik dan. Jij nog ideetjes hoe ik het kreng kan rooten of SU er op zetten? Ik heb ook de diverse GAPPS apk’s van android 1.6 er op geinstalleerd. Die zie ik wel draaien bij de apps in het settings menu, maar geen icoontjes op het dashboard.


        1. Hey Arie 🙂 Heb jij dat ding nog steeds, lol. Bij mij was ie gebricked, dus heb ik hem een keer vakkundig uit elkaar gehaald. 😉 (read: total loss)

  13. Back again… my son’s one (the new one, my daughter got the demo model) caused trouble. The last two days, every time he turned it on, it made my modem/router (the one connected to the telephone line) to hang. Just one solution, to turn wifi on the tablet off, and reset the modem/router. Then a walk to the hallway, where I put up another router as a repeater (summer evenings with my archos tablet and blackadder om my mediatomb server), and put on wifi… it connected, no prob, and the main router/modem didn’t malfunction. Then, today….. his tablet hangs on the WM216_V5.0 screen, it just stays there.
    I’m now going to try the WMT2.1.6_LF-X_V1.0B6 FW on his tablet, and hope he screwed something up with the settings or the SU icon. If not, I declare it toasted.
    Face it Walter, your hard work notwithstanding, it’s all just cheap Chinese crap bro’.

  14. Think it’s toasted….. the progression bar hangs halfway on installing… will try the Black Ediotion one time, but lost all hope….

  15. The progress bar hangs halfway @ upgrading file-system. Runs clean through
    Rooted ROM upgrade start
    Upgrading w-load …
    Upgraded w-load succesful!
    Upgrading u-boot …
    Upgraded u-boot succesfull!
    Load kernel succesful!
    Upgrading file-system …

    Suggestions, anyone?

  16. Simple solution: Let the battery completely drain itself, and reflash the tablet. Firmware installs nicely, everything up and running, still no apps in the market though…..

  17. i just bought this tablet at hmv as a bargain price the only problem i got onthis tablet is the bluetooth it doesnt turn on could you pls gime some advise how to switch on pls thanks

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