Downgrade Hangouts to get swiping feature back

With version 2.3 of Hangouts Google introduced some new features, but unfortunately also disable many good things like swiping. Before you could switch between hangout chats, archive chats or delete messages just by swiping. Until they bring back that feature you can downgrade to the last version that supported swiping: 3.1.317 ++== Disclaimer ==++ I … Read moreDowngrade Hangouts to get swiping feature back

False positives after update Avast (fixed!)

UPDATE: THE ISSUE IS RESOLVED / FIXED : updated version: 091203-1 Continue reading at the bottom of this post for info on the fix What was going on: The latest Avast virusdatabase update came with a serious bug. In version 091203-0 various files* are being marked as “Win32:Delf-MZG (Trj)”. These are all false positives and … Read moreFalse positives after update Avast (fixed!)