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Play (embedded) Youtube at specified time option

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I noticed today that the “start at a specified time” option for youtube does not work like I expected in a link (on facebook). It doesn’t accept the “start=” option in the URL. If you want to link to a part or portion of a youtube clip , so it immediately fast forwards and starts at a specified time, this (new?) small addition to the URL makes it all come true. Miracles do exist :

Example: try this link

Format: &t=XXmXXs
XX = Number representing the amount of minutes into the video.
YY = Number representing the amount of seconds into the video.
Make sure to mention both minutes and seconds, and don’t forget to put “m” after the minutes and “s” after the seconds. Alwasy use Lowercase letters, Youtube URL’S are case-sensitive.

To make use of this feature in Facebook, make sure to FIRST add the option to the link, and only then copy-paste that into a Facebook status field. The video will then start at the specified time when fans click on it to play..

epad tabled hibernation with Tipster’s images

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A small addendum to the post Modding & rooting the QMedia Tablet PC Qpc617 firmware.

When using GS_WMT216_V5.0_ACADEV_BLACK_EDITION, you’ll notice that the “hibernation” function is missing and that the device must be “shut down” or else it would drain the battery until it’s empty. Using this little trick, you can activate the “hibernate” option while shutting down:

– First, go to the market and download a shell app, I used “ConnectBot”.
– Once in the shell, type SU to become root
– Once root (the $ changes in #), type setenv hibernation_ui yes
– Then type reboot

Now your tabled will offer you to hibernate when shutting down (pressing the power button).

Modding & rooting the QMedia Tablet PC Qpc617 firmware

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This is a list of modded android images I have tested on the €99 tablet PC from QMedia, currently for sale in Carrefour Belgium ( and elsewhere ).

Note: I will update this list as I test more firmwares.

Note2: BE CAREFULL upgrading the tablet. You MAY brick it. I will take NO RESPONSIBILITY for your actions, when you damage or brick your tablet. I only provide this information as is.

I could not find the original firmware for the QPC617 from QMedia and I don’t know how to make a backup, so I took a leap of faith experimenting with this device.

This was the first firmware I tested. It works perfectly, but is not rooted. It has the market installed. Processor runs at 174 Mhz. Good performance.

This firmware runs perfect. It is rooted too and has the market installed. Better performance.

PanImage_SGS_ACADEV_2.22.11_Full (link)
This firmware installs ok. HoneyComb (fake) interface. Performance is slow.


Installs fine. Nice interface. Rooted and Market. Performance is good.

LIST of NOT WORKING firmwares:

PS: None of the images/firmwares are overclocked. The two most popular overclock apps (OC Widget & SetCPU ) won’t work. Maybe in future versions.

– When booting after a flash update, the animate boot-logo ( ANDROID ) may look like it is locked in a loop. Just be patient (maybe 2 , 3 minutes). All following boots will not suffer from this delay.

More info on modded tablet firmwares: (updated link 2 nov. 2011)