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Windows 7 install stuck on Asus N751JK UEFI

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If you bought a new Asus laptop and want to install windows 7, you’ll find that the installation will hang on starting windows and will not continue. This is because of UEFI ( Unified Extensible Firmware Interface ) which is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. You can read all about it on the Wikipedia page (link)

As it stands, only windows 8 setup can be booted from the DVD drive. If you want to boot a windows 7 DVD , you’ll need to disable UEFI’s secure boot.

On the newer ASUS laptops enter the BIOS. ( press escape continuously during boot until it asks you to go into setup ).
Select Enter Setup:

26-12-2014 16-16-25

Go to the SECURITY tab and select Secure Boot Control. Set Secure Boot Control to DISABLED.

26-12-2014 16-03-09

Then go to the BOOT tab and select Launch CSM. Set Launch CSM to ENABLED. (This will make booting backwards compatible)

26-12-2014 16-05-15

The select Launch PXE OpROM and set it to ENABLED.

26-12-2014 16-18-53

Then go to the Save & Setup tab. Select Save Changes and Exit. Choose YES in On the Save & Exit setup.

26-12-2014 16-10-08

Your laptop will now restart. And the setup of windows 7 will now continue past the point where it first hung.

Left click folder freezes or hangs explorer

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This is a troubleshooting post.

Windows explorer may stop responding when left (or right) clicking a folder. The explorer is freezing or freezes for some time, typically 30 seconds. After that you can access the folder. Attempts to close the folder while the hourglass is turning results in an error or message “This program is not responding”. You can either end the process, after which explorer restarts, or cancel.

In my case I found windows looking for Network Drive letters. I noticed that using Procmon, a process monitor.


Just after the explorer had touched a .lnk shortcut file.


It seemed windows, when clicking the folder, looks trough all the files and then discovered a shortcut to a network drive that doesn’t exist. It was an old shortcut pointing to a fileserver that doesn’t exist anymore. The query typically times out, but that takes a while.

The problem was solved by removing (deleting) the shortcuts.