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How to import mp4 from GSM phone into Premiere CS3

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While importing video from a hand held device, mostly mpeg4, Premiere pro doesn’t understand the format.

Premier doesn’t edit mpeg files because the format isn’t as suitable for direct editing compared to a frame by frame format, like DV. For best results, one should convert the source video’s to such format.
It can be easily done with River Past Video Cleaner, a very versatile program. Look at this tutorial.

How to convert wmv or avi to mpg2 for dreambox

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You want to transform a avi-file (or any other format) to mpeg2 or mpg2 so you can watch it on your dreambox 7000s.

You need Mencoder. (the encoder is part of the Mplayer download)

Don’t let it scare you because it’s commandline. Just install it in a directory and read a little through the documentation. The basics are simple. The software contains a player (which we don’t need) and the encoder. All codecs and stuff is inside, so no need to install them.

The program lends itself to all kinds of coding.

Now for converting the avi to mpeg2 go to a DOS-box and there use this commandline: commandline.txt

Replace the input filename movie_in.avi by the file you start from, i.e. mymovie.avi
Replace the output movie_out.mpg with the file you’ll transcoding to, like movie.mpg

Any questions? Comment 🙂