Gameforge Tera Europe Network Error

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If you have logged into Gameforge’s game Tera in Europe while using a VPN (or a proxy), you’ll get banned. You’ll be unable to connect even if you disable and uninstall the VPN. There is no solution client side, since it’s the server who’s blocking you. You can double check and try to login to your account via the web : . You will be greeted with the same error when you try to log in : Network error! รขโ‚ฌโ€œ A connection could not be made. Please check your network settings and adjust any proxy or firewall settings.

You will not be able to contact Gameforge’s support, because you can’t login. I found a way to contact them through a different account, but I am still waiting for an answer.

I strongly advice everyone who wants to start playing Tera to use the American servers. These servers are run by En Masse who don’t have this crazy policy.

Manually flashing new firmware to Sagem Fast 3464 (bbox2)

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Yesterday I got a Sagem Fast 3464 modem that was in safe mode. It said “your cpe is now in rescue mode”. My mission was to have it download the latest firmware.

Normally the modem will download the latest firmware by itself when connected. But this one didn’t.

Another way to get it to update was to somehow provide it with a TFTP server with the correct files hosted. That implied listening to the modem with a packet sniffer and watch for it to try and make a connection to a pre-defined TFTP server. Like explained here:
But that didn’t work either, since the modem did not initiate any kind of traffic other than some IGMP packets. I guess these instructions only apply when a firmware was already present, and since this modem was in CPE rescue, it did not work as expected.

Important: If your modem is NOT in recue mode and it shows anything else than “your cpe is now in rescue mode” in your browser, then you need to flash the rescue mode firmware first. In that case, don’t continue, but instead follow the instructions here :…

I managed to connect using telnet (PUTTY) using the standard username/password. As it was an old modem, I used login:admin password:OLOVDSL2 ( Which is the non-belgacom password. If that doesn’t work for you try login:admin password:BGCVDSL2 )

This made it possible to instruct the modem to download the new firmware. But first we need a TFTP server that is hosting the firmware files. You can find one here.
I found a working firmware (60A06W Belgacom) here: direct link (source:… )
I configured the TFTP server to host the firmware (the setup is very basic).

These are the instructions I to use in the telnet session:

Change the IP adress to the one your TFTP server is running.

That’s it. Let it download and when finished reboot.
The modem should now have runtime code 6LR10A-60A06W.
Configure it by using a web-browser, and the serial number as a password.
Then let it sit for a while to complete the latest update by itself.

Hope this works for you.

Guild Wars 2 low fps slow performance on nVidia GTX 260

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When I first tried Guild Wars 2 on my AMD X4 PC equipped with a nVidia Geforce GTX 260, I was in for a shock. The game was unresponsive and slow, and no matter what settings or resolution I applied, the game didn’t give me more then 20 fps. In cities I only got 7 fps, with everything disabled or set to low.

I have been reading about this for a week now, and nothing came up. Until I saw something strange in GPU-Z. In the “interface” field it said PCI-E 2.0 x 16 @x4 1.1.
@x4 means it was running on 4 channels of the PCIe bus, while it should be using all 16…

Then I realized that I had plugged the videocard into the wrong PCI-E slot. My motherboard has two PCI-E slots as I came to learn, one x4 and one x16. Normally it is written beside the slot.

After I moved the GTX 260 from the x4 slot to the x16 slot , GPU-Z showed PCI-E 2.0 x 16 @x16 2.0 .

Guild Wars is now running at high settings at about 50 FPS and it’s running smooth as a cat.

So if you are having trouble getting a good performance in Guild Wars 2, check if your video-card is correctly installed.

DDNS DynDNS setup IP number

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There are countless reports of people who are having trouble configuring their network equipment to work with Dyndns, mostly because they need to enter an IP ADDRESS on their devices, rather than the usual dns name :
The forum keeps running around the bush about it. So I will give you a straight and short answer here:

The DynDNS IP number is


long answer:

According to DynDNS the syntax for an HTTP request uses Just open a DOS command prompt and type

The result will reveal the IP address.

Note that it is quite possible that the result will be different from the address stated on top of this post. Especially if they use load balancing on their servers. You can use the one found by me or yours, it should work in both cases.

Another note: This is crucial to configure the I Power IP9258 with DDNS