Connect Ipaq to Mobile Vikings via LG KP500 and Dialup in Windows Mobile

I own a simple cellphone GSM, LG Cookie KP500 and an old IPAQ 2790b mobile device. The cellphone connects via EDGE to the mobile network (Mobile Vikings). I want to use the phone’s internet-connection on the IPAQ. This device is using windows SE 2003, windows mobile 5 or WM 6.5 … ( This tutorial will cover windows mobile 5 )

Here is what I did to get it working:

First make sure the internet is configured and working on the cellphone. If you can connect and surf the web on your phone, continue reading. Otherwise go get it working first.

You will need the USERNAME, PASSWORD and APN from your provider. Most providers use general username/passwords that can be found on their support homepage. Mobile Vikings settings can be found here.

First you’ll have to create a Dailup network trough Bluetooth on the windows mobile device.

Go via START to settings, Choose Connections:

Click (or tap) on the icon “Connections”.
Click (or tap…) on the “Add a new modem connection”.

Enter a name for your connection and choose Bluetooth from the dropdown menu.
Click NEXT

Enter *99# as phone number. This will not actually dial that number. It will in stead tell your cellphone to connect using the standard profile. You can use *99***1# too, where 1 is the number of the internet profile. *99***3# will use profile three. When you tested internet successfully on your phone prior to installing the connection on your ipaq, then the standard profile will work: so use *99#

Enter the username and password. Remember you got them from your provider. Mobile Vikings users can enter web as the username and web as password. Leave the domain field empty.
Now click on ADVANCED.

On the General tab you may choose the highest baut rate (115200). It actually doesn’t matter what speed you choose, cause this is a virtual COM port. When using BT 1,2+ you’ll get max 1Mb/s, when using BT2.0 or higher the Edge or G3 limitation will be the maximum speed you’ll get. De-select “Wait for dial tone” and enter this line after “Extra dial-string”: +CGDCONT=1,”ip”,”” Mind that is my APN, replace this with your APN if it is different.
Click on Port Settings

Set Port Setting as displayed above. It may already be configured that way.
No go to TCP/IP

De-select “Use software compression” and “Use header compression”. If found this to be increasing the internet speed by factor 2. 96kbs vs. 128kps. I’m not sure why this is. You may want to experiment with these settings.
Now click OK
click ok again and click on the cross to close the Settings window

Now, to make this work, your Phone and IPAQ need to be paired. Use the standard procedure. ( This procedure may be different for your IPAQ version ).
Go to Bluetooth Manager and choose paired devices from the menu on the bottom right. ADD a device (click on the search icon). Select the phone from the list and enter the passkey (on both devices). The devices are now paired.

When you start an internet application ( Opera or another browser ), the IPAQ will automatically connect trough bluetooth. Watch your phone: It might ask you to authorize the connection.

Happy surfing.

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