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Is your WordPress affected by a virus?

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4 ways to find out if your WordPress installation has been affected by eval / base64_decode | Digitizor
Many websites including Lorelle and Techcrunch are reporting a new kind of attack on WordPress that affects almost all WordPress installations running WordPress software below version 2.6. All those running WordPress version 2.8 are not  affected.  Users having blogs on have not been affected, although. In this article we will tell four ways which you can use to find out if you have been affected.

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Firefox 3 and Helvetica Neue trouble

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Firefox 3 seems to render Helvetica fonts the wrong way. The solution is to install the right font. Just download Helvetica Neue and install it. (copy to windows/fonts directory).
The font can be found here:
(ps: If you don’t have helvetica neue but any other helvetica, firefox uses that font. I my case it used helvetica neue condensed bolt when it could not find helvetica neue, resulting in almost unreadable fonts).

Restore power config after a You are not authorized to display the panel for selecting a power scheme error

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If you are the proud owner of a IBM Thinkpad Lenovo and the computer displays an error saying “You are not authorized to display the panel for selecting a power scheme error” when pressing Fn F3 ? Follow this advise.

Go to Start, click Run and type powercfg /RestoreDefaultPolicies and click OK.

If this doesn’t work, look at Chris Brandlehner’s solution.