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Can’t turn on network discovery on windows 7

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Symptoms: You can’t turn on network discovery in the Advanced Sharing Settings on Windows 7. When turned on, it reverts back to off ( it turns off ).


Reason: One of the reasons ( and the scope of this solution ) could be that the UPnP service is not running.
Solution: Start the service, here is how:
Go to the service manager. Click start and type services.mmc in the “Search programs and files”-box. Press enter. ( Ignore the ActiveX error / just click the ok button ) On the bottom of the window that you now see, click on the standard tab.


Make sure UPnP Device Host is started. If not start it by double clicking it.


In this “UPnP Device Host Properties” windows, make sure Startup type is set to Automatic, if it’s not, change it. Then click Start. Now click ok and close the Services windows.

Try again to Turn on network discovery.

BBox2 Sagem Blocked – NAT out failed First packet in connection is not a SYN packet

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Sometimes a Belgacom Modem Sagem 3464 ( BBox 2 ) may block all outgoing traffic on any port except for port 80. You’ll get all sorts of errors from VPN clients, Bittorrent clients, and non port 80 wibsites. Typicaly the errors complain about being unable to connect. Also, the router will block all NAT and Server incomming traffic as well.

In the security log ( firewal -> security log ) you’ll find entries like these:

According to many internet forum posts this can only be solved by rebooting the modem, but there is another, quicker and better solution, especially when you don’t want to reboot the modem.

To quickly resolve this issue without rebooting ( thus without disrupting services like streams, uploads, etc. too long — rebooting takes minutes, while this solution takes less then a second) telnet to the Sagem modem, enter username: admin and password: BGCVDSL2
at the command prompt type:



Close the telnet session. You’ll now be able to connect to other ports and NAT functionality will be restored.

There is no permanent fix.

cannot connect to filesystem, incd service not running and Stop error 8E

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Symptoms: After booting your PC a message says: “cannot connect to filesystem incd service not running“. Additionally, when you shut windows down, it pops a blue screen with a stop error: STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, … Some PC’s will automatically restart so you cannot shutdown the pc.

Reason: You have installed a older version of Incd, probably part of an older install cd for Ahead Nero.

Solution: Uninstall Incd from your PC. ( You most probably won’t need it. )

solution 1:
– Go to your configuration panel to Software and uninstall Incd. It will be listed.

solution 2:
– Sometimes Incd can’t be fully removed. In this case, use the special Incd clean-up tool. You can download it here: Extract it (zip) and run it, point it to your Ahead install directory (program files/ahead) and follow the instructions.

Restart and you should be ok.

Sagem error Only one WAN connection can be enslaved by each bridge : Resolved

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sgmSymptoms: You want to change IP settings, change IP address ( local Ip address, default ) but Sagem router returns a message: “Only one WAN connection can be enslaved by each bridge

Reason: Other VLAN interfaces are enabled and should be disabled when changing the LAN settings.

Solution: You do not need VLAN , so disable the VLAN circuits

– Go to advanced settings
– Choose Network Interfaces
– Click on LAN Bridge
– Click on settings (button)
– Disable the Wan ethoa0 … 12 ( disable everything exept LAN Ethernet en LAN Wireless – first and last ).


– Now you can change your LAN IP settings.
– Eventually return the state of the disabled interfaces ( only if required )

The Sagem 3464 is a (wireless) VDSL2 broadband internet router. It’s used by Belgacom, EDPNET, and maybe other providers using VDSL2 in Belgium.

Connect to the Sagem via a crossed UTP/STP cable into the Yellow port on the back of the unit (next to the power switch). The default IP is Alternatively connect both router and PC to a hub or switch. ( Mind the unit’s DHCP server is active by default. )