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A while ago I got a persistent Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on a Windows 8 machine telling me DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. This error usually means there is a bad driver on the system. Using WhoCrashed, a useful program to determine what has crashed the system, I found it to be aswnet.sys, which is a software driver installed by Avast.

A quick Google search brought my to a forum topic on the Avast forum. If you are interested in a long read, find it here. But if you are like me (hyper impatient), you want a solution straightaway.

Right 😉 Go here , download the patch , and extract the two files that are in the zip into c:\windows\system32\drivers ( overwrite the old ones ) and reboot.

This should fix it for now, until the next update.

note: Applicable for version build 7.0.1474 only!

You find your version number when opening the Avast console (right click the avast icon in the taskbar and Open Avast user interface),

it’s right there.

Feedburner unsubscribe Error 404

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If you get this error, it means you are logged in to a Google account that doesn’t support Feedburner (usually a business account).

First copy the link to the unsubscription (right mouse copy link)

Log out from the account (sign out), Go to and login with a account.

Then paste the link and execute. Click on unsubscribe.

Feedburner will work again.

BBox2 Sagem Blocked – NAT out failed First packet in connection is not a SYN packet (part 2)

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I have been experimenting again with the ” First packet in connection is not a SYN packet: TCP> on ppp0 ” error in my SAGEM F@ST router.

What I found was that the Sagem firewall and/or NAT throws this messages whenever tcp packets are fragmented and this has to do with the MTU (maximum transmission unit)

In short this means:
IP packets have a maximum load of 1500 bytes without fragmentation. If the load is bigger, the package will be split in multiple fragments that are transmitted separately. (fragmentation). When a PC (browser) communicates with a server, they agree on a maximum packet size (mtu) and that will be used for the remainder of the communication. Both your computer and server use the internal MTU and they don’t care about the MTU of devices and routes in between. Windows usually has a MTU of 1500, meaning it will squeeze every last bit in one packet. This is fine on a local LAN, without routers. But when the packet needs to be transmitted over PPPoE (ADSL), there is some additional 8 bytes of header-information that needs to be added, thus making the packet 1508 bytes, which is to big and will be fragmented. (learn more about this here)

Normally fragmentation is handled fine by routers in between, but the Sagem seems to mess things up.

What we need to do is lowering the MTU on the computer. This may avoid fragmentation and maybe with it this problem. To do that I used TCP/IP Optimizer 3 found here.

This program needs to run as Administrator. Put it on “Custom” (bottom right) and select you Network Adapter. Then set MTU to something like 1492 (or if you want to be absolutely safe 1460) and press Apply changes. Reboot.

If found that using a setting less then 1492 would reduce the “NAT out failed First packet” errors somewhat, but not completely. I still believe there is no real fix, unless there is a firmware upgrade (doubtful).

Please let me know in the comments what results you had.

clipboard not working in windows 7 ( internal error ) service missing

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As of Windows 7 (Vista in fact), The Clipboard service is missing. Apparently nobody knows (or cares) where it went, cause you can search for answers on-line till you grow a beard…

So here is what I did.

THE PROBLEM: This time it started with notepad++ where I did “Plugins –> NppExport –> Copy all formats to clipboard” in an empty document. That threw me a “runPluginCommand Exception” and as a result broke the clipboard functions.

Copy paste stopped working. Copy in Adobe threw a “there was an error while copying to the Clibboard. An internal error occured.” and Office complained that “item was not send to clipboard” when copy.

THE SOLUTION: Now, to find out what’s going on, I found a little tool, called GetOpenClipboardWindow , which can be downloaded here:

When you run this program, it’ll try to open and close the clipboard. When there is an error, it’ll tell you which error.
In my case:

So it seems that process 5080 is blocking the clipboard.
To see what process has ID 5080 fire up msinfo32 ( press Windows-key + R –> then type msinfo32 ). This will launche an extended information applet.
Choose “Software enviroment” -> “Running Tasks”:

Once there , click on the column top “Process ID” to sort the list on process id’s.
In this example process 5080 is notepad++ who is the app blocking clipboard operations:

So.. this was easy, just killed (exit) notepad++ and clipboard worked again.

In your case, you’ll find other causes and issues. But because microsoft robbed us from just restarting the service, this is the only thing I could come up with. If I find a way to restart the clipboard, i’ll update this post.

If YOU happend to know how to restart the clipboard in windows 7, please put your solution in the comment section below. 🙂