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Sagem error Only one WAN connection can be enslaved by each bridge : Resolved

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sgmSymptoms: You want to change IP settings, change IP address ( local Ip address, default ) but Sagem router returns a message: “Only one WAN connection can be enslaved by each bridge

Reason: Other VLAN interfaces are enabled and should be disabled when changing the LAN settings.

Solution: You do not need VLAN , so disable the VLAN circuits

– Go to advanced settings
– Choose Network Interfaces
– Click on LAN Bridge
– Click on settings (button)
– Disable the Wan ethoa0 … 12 ( disable everything exept LAN Ethernet en LAN Wireless – first and last ).


– Now you can change your LAN IP settings.
– Eventually return the state of the disabled interfaces ( only if required )

The Sagem 3464 is a (wireless) VDSL2 broadband internet router. It’s used by Belgacom, EDPNET, and maybe other providers using VDSL2 in Belgium.

Connect to the Sagem via a crossed UTP/STP cable into the Yellow port on the back of the unit (next to the power switch). The default IP is Alternatively connect both router and PC to a hub or switch. ( Mind the unit’s DHCP server is active by default. )

Stream dreambox video to PC via VLC

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This ultra-small tutorial explains how to watch dreambox satellite TV on your PC using the latest version of VLC. If you have problems getting it to work try the comments section, maybe I can help.

  • Firefox 3.5.7
  • VLC 1.0.3
  • Dreambox 7000s / Enigma 1 / PLI JADE 2 (other setups not tested)

Parameters in my setup (will be different in yours!):

  • Dreambox IP :
  • VLC language = dutch

Note: When installing VLC , by default the “mozilla plugin” isn’t installed. You need that plugin to watch Web-X-TV. Check the box “mozilla plugin” while installing VLC.
Open a network stream ( Media – open network stream )
The stream is accessible via HTTP. Select HTTP for protocol. Then enter the dreambox IP address. ( in my setup ) and add /video.m3u to the address. The complete address should look like this:
Now click on PLAY.
VLC player should start playing whatever TV program that is currently playing on the dreambox.
NOTE: Change video.m3u to audio.pls to listen to the audio only.
TIP: Use the webinterface to change programs.

How do i know what graphics card i have?

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You want to know what video graphics card you have. So, besides opening your pc and looking at the card, there are two more ways for finding out plenty details about your videocard.

    Way 1:

  1. press windows key + R
  2. type dxdiag and press enter ( The Direct X diagnose window will open )
  3. Click on the tab named DISPLAY

Way 2:

  1. download GPUZ from
  2. run GPUZ ( it gives you tons of information about your graphics card )

Help! My download does not start? Is my ISP blocking torrent?

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Help! My download won’t start? Is my ISP blocking torrent?
Yes, that is quite possible. You are probably behind a NAT and maybe (on top) a firewall.
Let’s find out:
First, go get your internet IP number: Click on and note (copy) the IP number it returns. (you’ll need it later).

Now go to a dos box and enter IPCONFIG /ALL
If the IP number of you network-adapter is the same as the one whatismyip reports, then you are directly connected to the internet.

If your whatismyip IP address is the same as your local address, then you can still be firewalled. To check this follow these steps:

Go to
Enter your IP number (the one you copied from whatismyip), press Enter.
Choose standard security scan.
Click Start Scan

If you see no open ports, or at least no torrent ports, then you are firewalled. But before you go out flaming your ISP, DO CHECK if you didn’t enable the Firewall on your windows XP!! If it’s enabled, disable it. ( Better: ad an exception for your torrent ports…)

If all tests tell you that nobody can access your PC from outside (no open ports), then you’ll need a VPN to access the internet. ( ) It will act as a separate network-adapter that is connected to the internet on the other side of a “tunnel”. The tunnel is created trough your normal internet connection by the VPN software and uses only one outgoing connection. The NAT (router at the campus) should normally not block this.

This is a free VPN service:

If you want some more “speed” you should look for a paid VPN service. (free VPNs are overloaded and slow). I used ACEVPN and was satisfied with the service. They also have a free service, but that doesn’t allow torrents. As a matter of fact, look closely if the VPN service allows P2P and Torrent and how it should be configured.
Here is a list of VPN providers (in 2008).

If there is a firewall installed, there could be a problem. When it is configured to block VPN connections. Some VPN software can be configured to use port 80, fooling the firewall into thinking you are browsing websites. But advanced firewalls can now determine what kind of packets are send through any port and can block anything that looks suspicious. In that case you are screwed.

You may talk to the network administrator. Maybe he likes presents?

This may also interest you: Anonymous BitTorrent Through a VPN – The Speed Tests