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Flickr launches video hosting

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Flickr introduced the single biggest change to its service since launching in 2004. The photo service is rolling out the capability to upload video clips of up to 150MB to its paying Pro members. Free members will still be able to view these clips, but will be unable to add their own, at least for the time being.

The company has taken a very different direction than I originally imagined by limiting user video clips to just 90 seconds. Its a far cry from the arms race of higher quality and unlimited length offered by services like Vimeo, Viddler, and even YouTube to a certain degree.

source / read more: Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone ( Flickr launches video hosting | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone )

TCP ports – dreambox

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TCP ports used by the Dreambox
31335 stream sec
31336 Stream ac pes
31337 Stream ps
31338 stream pes
31339 stream ts
31340 udpstreampes
31341 udpstreampes
31342 streamts -tsfile
31343 streampes

more on this & how to use later.

Online photo resize comparison V1.0

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Ever wanted to quickly crop or resize an image? If yes, then you probably tried online tools, because you didn’t want to install anything. I’ve been installing some tools, but whatever I tried, it always resulted in endless loading or missing features.

So, what am I looking for then?

I’m looking for a quick solution to resize and crop. I need something to easily input the chosen dimensions or to freely select a crop area. It has to load instantly, take files or URL’s, easy to use and somewhat nice to look at.

My top 3

rstool_webresizer is a very quick and usable online resizer. It’s very easy to input the dimensions for resize or crop. As an extra bonus, the pictures are optimized to use less bandwidth without loosing quality. It even sharpens images.
rstool_2 is only for cropping, but is very good at it. It’s lightning fast. If you are impatient, just like me, then this one is for you.
rstool_3 Does both cropping and resizing. Users can quickly choose a stardard size or input a custom size. As a bonus the app does some tweeking (contrast and sharpness). It can rotate and it allows users to change the output quality. Still this tool is fast.

I have made a small list of online tools I checked out today. There are many more, but the ones listed here are fairly common.


Preset crop: the ability to choose from a list of predefined cropping area’s
Free crop: the ability to draw a rectangle of the cropping area
Custom crop: the ability to input exact dimensions of the cropping area
Preset resize: the ability to choose from a list of predefined sizes
Free resize: the ability to skew or stretch freely with the mouse
Custom resize: the ability to input exact dimensions
Rotate: ability to rotate
Extra features: this indicates that it is possible to change the pictures, add effects or do other things
Upload image: the ability to upload an image from you harddisk (upload it to their servers)
Import URL: the ability to import the URL of an existing online image, they will download it for you into the application
Speed: This indicates how fast the program loads and operates (not counting the upload) good or bad
Quality: This indicates the resulting quality ( this needs to be checked further )
Usability: This indicates if the application is intuitive, logical, straight forward and easy to use

More features

I selected one of the online apps that had a lot of features.

rstool feat 1 has many features, such as framing, adding text, painting, sharpening, rotating.. and resizing!!