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App can’t open with built in administrator account | Windows 10 app store not working [solved]

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All of a sudden I couldn’t open images anymore (using Photo’s, which is a windows 10 app) on my Windows 10. Also Edge and the Windows 10 App store wouldn’t open with a solid This app can’t open.

Sometimes I got a more informative : Microsoft Edge can’t be opened using the Build-in Administrator account.

It then popped up a message saying: This app can’t be activated by the Build-in Administrator. Microsoft likes kicking a dead horse.

It kept telling me App can’t open with built in administrator account whenever I tried opening or using ANY of the Windows Apps.

I browsed through tons of so-called solutions, involving dos prompts, digging the registry and rearranging Windows until it looks like Archlinux during a kernel panic. Ignore all that. 😉

So I searched till I found a very simple solution: And there it was: the “troubleshooter for Windows apps” solved it for me.
You’ll find it here:
It’s one of those downloadable Microsoft repair kits. Just go there, click “Run tourbleshooter”.

It might suggest you to connect to your online Microsoft Account. But you can safely ignore that.