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DDNS DynDNS setup IP number

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There are countless reports of people who are having trouble configuring their network equipment to work with Dyndns, mostly because they need to enter an IP ADDRESS on their devices, rather than the usual dns name :
The forum keeps running around the bush about it. So I will give you a straight and short answer here:

The DynDNS IP number is


long answer:

According to DynDNS the syntax for an HTTP request uses Just open a DOS command prompt and type

The result will reveal the IP address.

Note that it is quite possible that the result will be different from the address stated on top of this post. Especially if they use load balancing on their servers. You can use the one found by me or yours, it should work in both cases.

Another note: This is crucial to configure the I Power IP9258 with DDNS

How to install nano on OpenPLI 4 ( Vu+ solo2 )

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While using console to change files on you satellite receiver, most people will use vi to edit. But vi can be complicated.
I like the more user friendly tool nano. Sadly it doesn’t come with OpenPli.

Here is how to install it manually.

First, open a console (telnet) and logon as root on your sat receiver.

Then execute these commands:

Now, nano needs libncurses. Without it , it will give an error:

nano: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

This can be solved by installing the lib.

now nano will work.