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cannot connect to filesystem, incd service not running and Stop error 8E

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Symptoms: After booting your PC a message says: “cannot connect to filesystem incd service not running“. Additionally, when you shut windows down, it pops a blue screen with a stop error: STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, … Some PC’s will automatically restart so you cannot shutdown the pc.

Reason: You have installed a older version of Incd, probably part of an older install cd for Ahead Nero.

Solution: Uninstall Incd from your PC. ( You most probably won’t need it. )

solution 1:
– Go to your configuration panel to Software and uninstall Incd. It will be listed.

solution 2:
– Sometimes Incd can’t be fully removed. In this case, use the special Incd clean-up tool. You can download it here: InCD-CleanTool.zip ftp://ftp9.nero.com/attach/InCD-CleanTool.zip Extract it (zip) and run it, point it to your Ahead install directory (program files/ahead) and follow the instructions.

Restart and you should be ok.

Sagem error Only one WAN connection can be enslaved by each bridge : Resolved

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sgmSymptoms: You want to change IP settings, change IP address ( local Ip address, default ) but Sagem router returns a message: “Only one WAN connection can be enslaved by each bridge

Reason: Other VLAN interfaces are enabled and should be disabled when changing the LAN settings.

Solution: You do not need VLAN , so disable the VLAN circuits

– Go to advanced settings
– Choose Network Interfaces
– Click on LAN Bridge
– Click on settings (button)
– Disable the Wan ethoa0 … 12 ( disable everything exept LAN Ethernet en LAN Wireless – first and last ).


– Now you can change your LAN IP settings.
– Eventually return the state of the disabled interfaces ( only if required )

The Sagem 3464 is a (wireless) VDSL2 broadband internet router. It’s used by Belgacom, EDPNET, and maybe other providers using VDSL2 in Belgium.

Connect to the Sagem via a crossed UTP/STP cable into the Yellow port on the back of the unit (next to the power switch). The default IP is Alternatively connect both router and PC to a hub or switch. ( Mind the unit’s DHCP server is active by default. )