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Cannot play FLV ( fourcc FLV4 ) video – audio only

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When playing FLV files only video plays but there is no audio. Converting FLV to AVI or any other format doesn’t work. Sorenson Squeeze 5 can’t open FLV.

The problem is an outdated

First things first:
To be able to play FLV files in Mediaplayer or Winamp, we use ffdshow and a flvsplitter. You can download ffdshow here: The splitter can be found here: FLV Splitter

If you have ffdshow installed already and it (still) doesn’t work, the reason is that the FLV Splitter is outdated. Search for on your c: drive. Then go there in a DOS prompt. Type in regsvr32.exe /u to unregister the old one. (if you get an error, it means you are not in the same directory!) Rename the file in flvsplitter.old and copy the new FLVSplitter (version in the directory. In the DOS prompt now type: regsvr32.exe /u

Now it should play. (You may have to reboot or at least restart Sorenson)

MSN Messenger Command line options

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Looking for MSN Messenger to start into a specified account, I was thinking of using a command line switch. Unfortunately there are close to no commandline options that did it for me. If you are looking to find some documentation, don’t count on the internet (as usual). Just open a dos prompt, go to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger and start msnmsgr /?. It’ll trow a box at you explaining some basic options.

Removed Service on dreambox solved

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I was having that annoying problem where services would suddenly be replaced by removed service in the settings list. As usual, the INTERNET wasn’t very helpful. There goes a saying: between all the proposed solutions, the simplest one is mostly the right one. And that’s the case here. So.. over to the solution then…

PS: This works on the ENIGMA release 4.3.0, FP 1.06, dreambox DM7000. If you know how to do it on other images, comment please.

On your dreambox go to the expert setup (remote: menu – setup – expert setup) and scroll down to service name update and select it. ( the language is confusing.. it says: service name update, but if selected it is actually disabled. )

service name update

XP reg tweaks

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This site contains 402 registry tweaks for windows XP. Anything bothering you? Look for the problem in the list, download the according regfile and execute.

BE CAREFUL. Only use this if you know what you’re doing!!