MSN Messenger Command line options

Looking for MSN Messenger to start into a specified account, I was thinking of using a command line switch. Unfortunately there are close to no commandline options that did it for me. If you are looking to find some documentation, don’t count on the internet (as usual). Just open a dos prompt, go to C:\Program … Read moreMSN Messenger Command line options

How to convert wmv or avi to mpg2 for dreambox

You want to transform a avi-file (or any other format) to mpeg2 or mpg2 so you can watch it on your dreambox 7000s. You need Mencoder. (the encoder is part of the Mplayer download) Don’t let it scare you because it’s commandline. Just install it in a directory and read a little through the documentation. … Read moreHow to convert wmv or avi to mpg2 for dreambox