Bootstrap Datepicker format is ignored (bootstrap-datepicker)

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Well, sometimes the way they tell you how to do it, is wrong…

You make a nifty date picker, using the bootstrap-datepicker.js and you call the datepicker via javascript, something like this:

You end up having dates in “mm-dd-yy” format.

To change this to “dd-mm-yy” format, you should do it like this:

I suggest the nice people at have some fixing to do. 😉 Cause they tell you to use format:… , which doesn’t work.

vSphere service console read only fstab

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If you “fstabbed” yourself on a guest operating system ( CentOS 6.3 ) running in VMware, you might be in for a surprise. After you edited the fstab ( and introduced an error ) the system won’t boot anymore.

This is the setup: A host OS that is running VMware. Two guest OS’s, on CentOS 5.3 and a CentOs 6.3
One of which I am in the process of preparing to be used with ISPConfig3. While doing that, I had to edit the fstab file. I reluctantly did that, but it later showed that the entry I put there was wrong. After a reboot of the guest OS it didn’t come back. To gain access I had to use vSphere to connect to the host. In vSphere Home->Inventory->Hosts and Clusters, I could reset the guest. Of course it didn’t boot. So I right clicked on the guest and opened the Console. This is a service console what mimics a screen. Another reset and I could see the GRUB options and the system boot. This ended in an error. I could choose between CTRL-D to continue, or enter my root password. I entered the password. Now I had access to the file system. But when I tried to edit the /etc/fstab file, it threw me an error, saying the files sytem was read-only, so I could not save the changes.

After some searching I found this page:
Bypassing Bad fstab Failure While Booting Linux

I did none of what it says, but only used this command in the service console:

Now I could open /ect/fstab for editing and I could save it. Reboot and the server was back in the air.

Hope this helps someone, because it took me a while to find out. 😛

Android : Stereo recorder for Samsung Note 2

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I have been searching for a tool that can record in stereo on the Note 2 from Samsung. This seems to be a rare feature giving developers some difficulties to efficiently implement. Especially because the Note 2 uses two separate microphones for stereo recordings.

The Samsung Note 2 (and maybe also the S3, I’m not sure) has two microphones, one on the front and another on the back. If you record video, the source of the sound is comming from both these microphones, so giving you stereo sound. But most (if not all) of sound recording apps will allow you to select one of them, both not both. Even though they advertise to be able to record in stereo, they will not allow you to bind the front mic to the right channel and the back mic to the left.

Until I found Easy Voice Recorder. ( pro version ).


By using the “Sound input source” in the settings and selecting Camcorder microphone, the app will actually record in stereo using both microphones of your phone. The pro version gives you some extra features, worthwhile. You can choose bitrate and filetype, though mp3 is not supported — it uses AAC for compressed files.

Please post any comments or questions in the comment section below.


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A while ago I got a persistent Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on a Windows 8 machine telling me DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. This error usually means there is a bad driver on the system. Using WhoCrashed, a useful program to determine what has crashed the system, I found it to be aswnet.sys, which is a software driver installed by Avast.

A quick Google search brought my to a forum topic on the Avast forum. If you are interested in a long read, find it here. But if you are like me (hyper impatient), you want a solution straightaway.

Right 😉 Go here , download the patch , and extract the two files that are in the zip into c:\windows\system32\drivers ( overwrite the old ones ) and reboot.

This should fix it for now, until the next update.

note: Applicable for version build 7.0.1474 only!

You find your version number when opening the Avast console (right click the avast icon in the taskbar and Open Avast user interface),

it’s right there.

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