Installing Android x86 4.0 in Vmware Player

This is what I did to get Android 4.0 (x86 version) to work in my Vmware Player.

First, download and install Vmware Player.
Then, download the installation image (cd-image) of Android from Google: (I tried android-x86-4.0-RC1-eeepc.iso in this example).

Creat a new virtual machine to run the installation:

Point the “Installed disc image” to the android-x86-4.0-RC1-eeepc.iso file you downloaded:

Choose a install directory, where you’ll keep the virtual machine folder.

Make a small drive. 1 gig is enough.

Customize hardware:

and increase the memory to 512 megabyte. (or more)

Select INSTALL. You can also run the live CD. But I prefer to install the OS. If you choose live cd, you don’t need to do anything after this step, except enjoy your android.

Then: Create/Modify partitions <-- Press enter. Choose [ New ] <-- Press enter. then [ Primary ] <-- Press enter. Size (in MB): 1069.29 <-- Press enter. Then: Choose [ Bootable ] <-- Press enter. Choose [ Write ] <-- Press enter. type yes <-- Press enter.

Now the disc is being prepared:

Choose [ Quit ] <-- Press enter.

Now select sda as the install partition:

Choose a file-system. I tried ext2 and ext3. Take whatever you like.

Install the GRUB bootloader.

File-system writable? If you want a writable file-system, choose yes.

You are done. Choose Run Android-x86.

Note: This version has NO ethernet support. You can find a version that supports sound and ethernet here: (thanks to source: )

More info can be found on

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