18 thoughts on “How can I print emails without gmail logo? (Chrome)

  1. lol Thank you for this, and I will follow the directions if it’s the only way, but I do suggest you change “quite easy” to, at least, read: “inconvenient, but not difficult” – quite easy would be a setting in gmail which turns it off. Having to do this every time, is ridiculous and no easier than copying and pasting the email into a word processor.

  2. Amazing that Google doesn’t have a print config section in settings to allow users to turn off page elements before printing. We shouldn’t have to edit page code or add a browser plugin. My 80yr old mum just wants to print without the Gmail logo causing pages to split!

  3. Thanks a lot, I hate printing the logo, specially if I’m printing in color.
    I’ll post this tip (in Spanish) in my site and will give you proper credit.

  4. So glad to find this solution. I agree with Danielle, this is not an EASY fix. Telling an average user to go into HTML code to do something is ridiculous at best. Get with it Gmail and make Gmail work FOR its users not make them work to use it.

    Honestly the only reason I switched to Gmail was because of the syncing of contacts on my android. Issues like this have me considering switching back to Yahoo. That, and why in the heck can’t I just sort my inbox by columns rather than having to search for something. Would that be so difficult?

  5. Thanks a lot for ur hints…It works in a gr8 manner….it helped me a lot…gmail must find a solution to make it possible to print without its logo…

  6. To clarify your instructions for Google Chrome browser on Windows (I haven’t used Firefox)… based on my experience to make this work you have to highlight/select the logo BEFORE right clicking and choosing “Inspect element” from the menu. It’s not enough to just right click on the logo. It has to be selected by clicking the left button and dragging the mouse across the logo, just like you select text in a document. Then you right click on the selected logo and follow the rest of your instructions.

    This also works for advertising logos or unwanted tables in the rest of the document, which are often at the bottom. Just select the logo or table, right-click and “Inspect Element”, etc. If you try to delete a table, the or element might be selected in the code. So before you “Delete Node”, click on the preceding line of code, then “Delete Node” and the entire table will be deleted not just one cell or a row.

  7. This tip also works in the current Firefox 32.0.1. And you don’t have to select the logo first – just right click it.

    Thanks for this tip!

  8. go to chrome store and add this extention and it works like a charm. just go to chrome store and type in. Print email without logo, it will show you the extention and just click to add and done Now I dont have to go inspect element every time
    from zhang.suno more logo

  9. Hello Walter,

    thanks a lot for taking the time to help people solve this nasty problem!

    Important mails look much better without the silly Gmail logo


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