Computer Shuts Off without any warning….Why?

Why does my computer just shut off without warning?

Well, It’s having some major failure (soft or hardware) and reboots. You will need to figure out what error was involved. For that, you should tell you computer not to reboot, but to show you the error. Here is how:

  1. press Windows Key + Pause/Break
  2. Click the tab named ADVANCED
  3. Click the SETTINGS button in the Startup and Recovery section

Now, next time your computer crashes, it will give you a “blue screen” telling you what’s wrong. Now.. sort of. Look here for a blue screen example:
Look for the STOP error, something like STOP 0x000000D1 , forget the numbers between brackets. Go to google and look for “STOP 0x000000D1”. It may give you clues about what is happening.

Also note the filename (in the screenshot it is gv3.sys). Look in Google what that file does. It may reveal clues to what piece of hardware or software is failing.

If you find for example that your sound card is the culprit, go to the manufacturer site (of the card) and download the latest drivers.

And a last (but not least) tip. Try to remember when the problem began and what software you installed just before that. Uninstall that software. It may return your system to normal again.

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