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Is your WordPress affected by a virus?

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4 ways to find out if your WordPress installation has been affected by eval / base64_decode | Digitizor
Many websites including Lorelle and Techcrunch are reporting a new kind of attack on WordPress that affects almost all WordPress installations running WordPress software below version 2.6. All those running WordPress version 2.8 are not  affected.  Users having blogs on have not been affected, although. In this article we will tell four ways which you can use to find out if you have been affected.

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Dreambox DM 8000 reviews en test

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Review Dr Dish (Duits)


Dit is een uitgebreide review van de Dreambox in het Duitse blad SatVision. ( Duits ) (vind hier een vertaling in het Engels van hetzelfde artikel)

Links naar USER reviews :

  • The box runs very smooth and is also faster than the DM800 because of the faster processor. link
  • Dreambox DM 8000 draad in het Sat4all forum: link
  • [DM800HD] Twijfel tussen DM800 of DM8000 aanschaffen : link
  • The max res of the box is 1080i : link

Alternatief voor de Dreambox, De Kathrein UFS910 :

  • De Kathrein UFS910 met “Dreambox” achtige software. link
  • Engels Kathrein forum: link
  • Duits Kathrein forum: link
  • intern sharen met Kathrein?: link
  • review op link
  • review op satplaza: link

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