Add a dial string to windows mobile 6.5 DUN

When connecting windows mobile 6.5 to the internet via bluetooth dail-up and gprs (edge or 3G), you’ll notice that their aren’t any andvanced modem settings available anymore.

Establishing a connection just by dialing *99# is impossible, you’ll get ” The answering modem has disconnected “. You’ll need to add a dial string to include at least the APN information.

To enter a dial string now requires the use of a registry editor. You can find a good one here

To enter the dial string, you’ll have to edit registry-entry “1” in HKLM/Drivers/Unimodem/Init
change it to : AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,””
“” is the APN name (ISP).

You can then safely connect using just dialing *99#

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