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Removing open-vm-tools killed vm

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This is a short one.

You have a Windows machine with a VM running Ubuntu (based) linux as a guest OS. You have a shared drive with the Windows machine.
After removing open-vm-tools-desktop ( sudo apt-get autoremove open-vm-tools-desktop ) or ( sudo apt-get autoremove open-vm-tools ) the Linux won’t boot. You’re stuck in emergency mode command prompt.

You’ll see this error:
[FAILED] Failed to mount /mnt/hgfs

and Ubuntu drops into emergency mode.

To get out of this situation, press enter until you get to the command prompt:
Use your text editor to edit /etc/fstab ( nano /etc/fstab )
find a line like : .host:/ /mnt/hgfs fuse.vmhgfs-fuse allow_other 0 0 and comment it out.

Now reboot and the GUI will load.

I put this out here, cause I found some forum post about people who reinstalled their whole os when confronted with this situation.