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How to import mp4 from GSM phone into Premiere CS3

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While importing video from a hand held device, mostly mpeg4, Premiere pro doesn’t understand the format.

Premier doesn’t edit mpeg files because the format isn’t as suitable for direct editing compared to a frame by frame format, like DV. For best results, one should convert the source video’s to such format.
It can be easily done with River Past Video Cleaner, a very versatile program. Look at this tutorial.

Hack Attack: Safely install software in a virtual layer

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Hack Attack: Safely install software in a virtual layer
If you want to test install software but don’t want your OS to be in danger, use this software package. It’ll let you install and use software in a virtual layer. It keeps all changes to the file system and registry stored in a layer on top of the OS. It let’s you disable the installation, as if it were never installed, with the click of a button.

Happy Birthday Eee PC!

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One year ago ASUS began selling a notebook that would change the laptop industry. It was October 16, 2007 that the ASUS Eee PC 701 went on sale in Taiwan, ten days later LAPTOP Magazine was one of the first media outlets to review the sub-notebook. Happy Birthday Eee PC!

Out of personnel experience (Eee PC 901) I can say this ASUS miracle is indeed … a miracle. Fast, runs windows xp, wifi, network, sound, webcam… all you’ll ever dream of in a very small unit.


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